“Vicky Do na!” Amul’s sugary tribute to Vicky Donor

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Vicky Do NaWe all love the Punjabi Munda,Vicky, playing a Sperm Donor in the movie with an atypical story line grounded on a serious issue of infertility,which given a comic bent, has magnetized eyes towards itself in humungous measures. Now even Amul the favourite brand of India pays a real candied treat to the Vicky Donor.

Recently, Amul released an AD showing a caricature resembling Ayushmann Khurrana, playing Vicky in the movie, surrounded by babies asking and stretching out hands towards him, who is holding a bowl of “Utterly, Butterly Delicious Amul Butter”. The header says “Vicky Do Na” almost rhyming with the movie title “Vicky Donor”.

Vicky Donor has hit the box office and is a hit already. The baby from John Abraham Entertainment and Eros Entertainment, directed by Shoojit Sircar, is story of a Punjabi cricketer with a love angle with a Bengali girl, revolving around sperm donation and infertility. The whole situation is given a comic twist and the reception by the audience is fabulous. John is very much impressed by Ayushmann and goes on praising him anywhere he goes.

To add more to the advertisement is a cheeky tagline that says “Donate generously”. It is clouded whether they are speaking of Amul Butter or donating sperms.

The movie had a mass connect especially amongst the youth who think till now they have wasted a lot (the male ones though), lets hope that Amul’s tribute to Shoojit Sircar’s “Vicky Donor” even clicks amongst all and the “Utterly, Butterly Delicious Butter” keeps the delicacy intact.

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