True story behind Mallika Sherawat’s item song in Tezz

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Mallika Sherawat performing Item number 'Laila' in Tezz MovieA clash has been going on between the producer and the director of the upcoming film ‘Tezz’ that stars the likes of Ajay Devgan, Anil Kapoor, Sameera Reddy and Kangna Ranaut in the lead. The clash is about the item song of Mallika Sherawat that has been shot and added in the movie. There were talks going on in the media that Priyadarshan had deleted the song from the film. But now the things got clearer that it has not been deleted from the flick since the producer of the movie wants it in the film. When a producer wants, obviously the technician (director) cannot do anything but to raise the protest. The same Priyadarshan has been doing.

The item song was shot without the permission of the director and even the director was not present at the shooting. Priyadarshan is quite angry over the matter.

A meeting was called earlier today by Priyan with the producer about the unnecessary inclusion of this item number in the movie. Still we are waiting the outcome of the meeting. Once it comes up, it will be furnished here at this space. The film is to release this Friday and just few days prior to the release, the issue is still not being resolved.

Priyan says that it is his fifth movie with Ratan Jain (producer) and he has never ever faced this kind of situation earlier. He further mentions that he is not against the item songs, as he had many in his various movies. He also adds that he is also not against Mallika Sherawat but his point of view is that there is no need of this song in the movie. Priyan then says that the song was picturised without his presence and his cinematographer. Ratan just took the choreographer Ganesh Acharya in confidence and got this item song picturised on Mallika. He says that the movie does not have any place for the item song.

Ratan Jain displays his point of view saying that he respects what Priyan says about this item song. He then adds that he is unable to understand why this fuss is being created. This is just two and a half minutes’ song at the beginning reels of the movie. Why Priyan is so upset about it? He then mentions that he is a producer and a businessman and he knows the art of selling a product.

Well, (as per the reports) the true story behind Priyadarshan’s getting against this item song is that he wanted to shoot this item song on Sameera Reddy whereas Ratan Jain wanted it to be shot on Mallika Sherawat. This is the actual clash between the two. Let’s wait and see who wins the battle?

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