Shah Rukh Khan: Returning to his Hinterland

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Shah Rukh Khan in Jab Tak Hai Jaan

When you see that trademark red YRF logo with the moving film strips and the hugely acquainted instrumental, you know you are in a familiar space. Well, this time, YRF’s carved out a master plan. Along with arch rival Salman Khan’s hugely waited Ek Tha tiger, Yash Raj Films have released the teaser-trailer for SRK’ next that has been the talk of the town since its inception.

The promo, at 1 minute 40 seconds is largely a tribute to the man who have stood by his standards and created a legacy of his own. It opens up with Yashji’s word of experience and it goes like this : “Films have been my only passion in Life. I have always been proud of making films and will continue taking pride in all my films.” The feelings are mutual, sir! A grand salute!

In the 50 odd years that Yash Chopra has been associated with the industry, he has gifted the Indian audience with some ‘memorable movies’, ‘noteworthy performances’ and ‘unforgettable melodies’. The trailer features a grand eulogy to the living legend Yash Chopra in its first half.

From the bits and pieces from his hugely acclaimed Romantic flicks to the diverse dialogues used, this trailer is a clutter of all. At one end, you have the epic ‘Mere paas ma hai’ to ‘Chandni’, clips from ‘Silsila’ and the legendary ‘Kabhi Kabhi Mere dil mein Khayal Aata hai’ in rich baritone Bachchan voice, the other end has the mix and match of the iconic Dil toh Pagal whistle, the K-k-k-k-k- Kiran and the soorthing ‘Tere Liye’ instrumental rendition. All in all, this trailer is a brave testimony to the man who has shaped the style and fervor of the Hindi film industry.

The man finally returns at the helm, yet again and as promised, no Yash Chopra film is complete without his muse Shah Rukh Khan. Yes the name spells LOVE and ROMANCE in a way that none does! This Diwali, Yash Chopra marks a comeback to the arena that he has ruled for ages with his yet to be titled and tentatively called ‘A Yash Chopra Romance’!

Though the 1 min 40 seconder did only have about 30 odd seonds of the teaser from their new film, the rest being Yash chopra’s journey of 50 odd years in the filmmaking arena, the 30 seconds that give you an insight bangs on the fact that this will be one where SRK finally returns to where he belongs: romance! The King of romance with those dimpled smile and that oh-so-alluring guitar strikes the right chord yet again with his fan base and others.

Expected! When you watch Shah adorn that checked shirt, the blue jacket and the oodles of personality within, you cant help but go weak in your knees! Mesmerizing to the tee, we would say! Katrina Kaif looks breathtaking in the scenes from the clipping and is a stunner! Livened up the joy of watching the first time pairing her and the Badshah together, the walk that they take in the last few seconds of the promo speaks volumes enough of the sizzling screen chemistry that we are about to witness this November! Anushka is spunky, vivacious and outrageously sexy in the bike riding sequences! The snow clad locales, to the picturesque sequences and the clean highway bike ride, you are definitely going gaga over all of it.

A short preview to Yash Chopra’s magnum opus is all set to create ripples in the industry. A mammoth response is expected, the film is all set to shatter box office this Diwali. Stay tuned, as the film coalesces the super talents of Yash Chopra, Gulzar saab and music maestro A.R.Rahman for the first time ever! And for curious fans, a short one liner from the song tentatively lyric-ed “Allah ki laabta phire” is a brave testament to the creative geniuses that the film is embellished with.

Shah rukh, known to be the King of Romance and the Ruler of the Box Office is all set to receive immense applause and fans would be more than welcoming him to the genre that he undoubtedly topples: The Tale of Love! If Eid belongs to Salman and Christmas to Aamir, Diwali is surely the true blue territory of the Ruler of the Jungle: The Badshah Khan!

ETT is gonna be huge, this would be humungous! YRF’s on the right track, we would say!

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