Shah Rukh Khan praises Katrina Kaif and talks about his team

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Shah Rukh KhanShah Rukh Khan is pretty busy with his team’s  IPL’s matches and the shooting of Yash Chopra’s directorial untitled romantic flick that stars Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaifin the main lead. Khan has super higher hopes for his team ‘Kolkata Knight Riders’ which has been doing well in the season.

Khan is taking time off from the shootings and has been supporting his team at the matches — that’s a good sign and spirit of the superstar. He is the owner and knows the art how to support the team. He also announces that whenever he finds time like 8-10 days off from his shooting schedule of Yash Chopra’s film, he will fly down to Kolkata to be with his team to watch the matches.

He is pretty hopeful that the shooting of the movie would wrap up in July and then he will have couple of months in hands to chill with. He has bigger plans for chilling out with family. Shah Rukh says that after July, he will decide what to do next in terms of professional works. There are reports about Shah Rukh Khan’s starting the shooting of Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express but the actor says that he has been reading a lot about his starting off the shooting of Shetty’s film but till now he has no time at all and he has not even decided when to begin with the shooting of this flick.

Shah Rukh raises big praises for his co-star in Yash Chopra’s film. Yes, he designs praises for Katrina Kaif and her stupendous acting skills. He says that she is young and vibrant and is laced with super acting skills that he learns quite a lot from her. Shah Rukh Khan utters that he keeps on learning from the youngsters since they are always swathed with energetic expertise which should be adopted. Khan is usually filled with praises of his female co-stars in every film he works.

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