Serial Kisser Emraan to celebrate a quiet 33rd birthday

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Emraan HashmiUnlike Kangna Ranaut, who had thrown a big party for friends and family on her 25th birthday, actor Emraan Hashmi will be celebrating his 33rd birthday on 24thMarch at a friend’s farmhouse in a quiet manner. The farmhouse is located in Karjat, away from the bustling Mumbai.

Emraan completed the shooting schedule of his film ‘Raaz 3’ and drove down to Karjat today morning. He will be celebrating his birthday on Saturday with his family and close friends. After a brief stay, he will drive back to Mumbai to resume shooting from Monday.

The actor stated that because of his busy schedule, he hadn’t been able to take an off since the last three months. He loves driving down to Karjat, and that’s why he planned to celebrate his birthday there. He grabs all chances he gets to go out of Mumbai for short trips with his family. The traffic of Mumbai forces him to drive either late at night or early in the morning, when there is lesser traffic.

Ask him why he isn’t celebrating his birthday in his own bungalow in Goa, and the actor replies that distance and time are problems. Flying between Mumbai and Goa eats up a lot of time, so he prefers to drive down with his close ones to Karjat. Another advantage is that he can return the same night and get back to shooting from Monday!

What is he planning to gift himself on his birthday? A car! Wow, we love that!

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