Satyamev Jayate – Aamir wins hearts !

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Aamir KhanA strong gush of emotions is what will leave you choked and Aamir Khan’s much talked about show “Satyamev Jayate -Truth Alone Prevails” opened houseful with TV sets tuned to Star Plus and other channels which aired the show.

It was advocated as the biggest TV show’s in the History of Indian Television, and ardently awaited Aamir’s TV debut, fluttered souls on the very first episode and tops the expectation levels. A soul rendering and heart-felt show conceived by Mr. Perfectionist himself is Sunday delight and a sheer eye-opener.

The show on the very first episode brought before the eyes an issue of “Female Infanticide” which has been engulfing the society since ages and now has reached the brim and would overflow the cup in no time .It leaves you dumbfounded and asking for more.

Real life stories and incidents narrated by Amisha Yagnik and Parveen Khan, who underwent sufferings just because they gave birth to female child or were carrying a female foetus were perturbing and Aamir chose to uncover their stories to bring out the truth, the society chooses to ignore.The way the ladies talked about their miseries touched every heart and the lacrimal glands could help but flow, even Aamir was moved by their pain.It has been a common disbelief that female foeticide has been a common practice amongst the “uneducated class” but the truth is far away from what we believe. It is these so called educated class who have blood-stained hands by killing foetus in the mother’s womb.

Sex determination tests that are banned in our country are being carried out secretly and that too at a very fast face, rendering the fast pacing practice of this brutal crime.Aamir also explains it to the viewers that it is the male chromosome that determines the sex of the child and not the female one, and even requests them to shed their disbelief.

The eyes were left misted when we heard the dolorous story of Mitu Khurrana, who comes from a very well educated family and was also married off in a family well settled and well educated. Her case impinged all souls and left everyone with an array of unanswered questions and mixed thoughts.

We also saw Aamir conversing with a group of males from a village via 3G video call, who have reached their thirties and till date have not found a girl to marry off as there are very few girls left. The dwindling female numbers opens doors to many more barbarous problems like human trafficking , in which girls are brought from states like Bihar, Karnataka,etc for marriage purposes or for using them physically and  then again selling them like a commodity. It is leading to more gang rapes, eve-teasing , abductions, molestations cases and numerous remorseless crimes. Social Activist, Virendra Vidrohi ,made his presence felt and shared their experience , of what they have seen till date.

Satyamev Jayate is very well researched and well grounded in terms of numbers and figures. Aamir surely has double-checked his homework. He also broght along two audacious journalists, Meena Sharma and Shripal Shaktawat from Rajasthan, who had conducted a sting operation seven years back in clinics and hospitals across India  on the barbaric cases of infanticide, bringing to the actual front the real faces of the doctors that were involved ,who can just for some amount of money, kill the child in the womb. The cases are still lying open in Rajasthan court and has been divided to different sub-divisional courts and since years the accused doctors have their licenses intact and they are continuing with their practices.

Through the show Aamir has brought the issue in front of the public and has promised to write a letter to the Rajasthan Court, pleading them to constitute fast-track courts and the cases should be brought in the limelight and be resolved as soon as possible. Aamir, has also seeked public support which can be expressed via sms or feedback on their web portal

On the ending note, Aamir talked about a “magic wand” which lies in the hands of common people and every individual who had witnessed the show.He showcased a small success story of a small district in Punjab named Nawanshahr, where people with their continued efforts saved around 2000 girls. It is a pledge that we need to take in order to stop injustice that is spreading its roots and would some day, if not controlled, devour our whole country, leaving it in ruins.

Post the show twitter was flooded with tweets from the celebs, like:

Preity Zinta: Watching Aamir Khan on Satyamev Jayate discussing Female Foeticide ! I love this effort from him & thank him as a Woman !

Neha Dhupia: #nowwatching @aamir_khan address the unreal problems of real india … I’m a fan as always! #satyamevajayate. Respect @aamir_khan #satyamevajayate !

Farhan Akhtar: Satyamev Jayate. A show with a heart.

Mandira Bedi: A reality show in its truest sense. Some stirring & troubling realities of our times.. I applaud @aamir_khan

Shabana Azmi: Watching Aamir Khans TV show on female foeticide. SUPERB. Bravo Aamir.. What a huge service u r doing. Bless u. Jeete Raho. Khush raho. Aamir Khans show can bring a revolution. Thoroughly researched covers all aspects touches emotional chord n forces us to reexamine ourselves

Zoya Akhtar: #AamirKhan proves that being a real hero is about affecting change and not about 6 packs and sexy backup dancers. Respect. #Satyamevajayate

Poonam Pandey: #SatyamevJayate reminds of the Sunday Time Slot whn use to watch #Mahabharat as a teen evn by skipng some sunday mtchs Bravo “Aamir Khan”

Vishal Dadlani: Aamir coulda made 3 Cr. a day for any kinda TV show. He CHOSE to make his airtime worthwhile. May his tribe increase. #satyamevajayate

A sure exposition brought before us which acts as an adjuvant , in unearthing the human in us. “Satyamev Jayate” unraveled all emotions in the very first episode itself, leaving us expecting more out of it every week, taking the journey around in India along with the superstar Aamir Khan. We all have inflated respect for this Khan even more now.

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