Sanjay Dutt covers Ameesha Patel

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Sanjay Dutt and Ameesha PatelThis is a known fact that Sanjay Dutt and Ameesha Patel share a very good rapport with each other. Theirs is a brother and sister type of relationship. But now it seems the rapport has been shaken badly by an incident took place at the wedding ceremony of David Dhawan’s son Rohit Dhawan in Goa.

The reports reveal that after the Sangeet ceremony of Rohit Dhawan, Ameesha was clad with much revealing costume that was irking Sanju Baba a lot. He then went ahead and asked the actress to cover her breasts which were pretty much exposed to the guests out there. She ignored Baba’s advice. Sanjay then could not hold himself anymore and straight went to her and draped Ameesha’s dupatta around her shoulders so that the bosom was covered. The action of Dutt was not bearable for Ameesha and she landed into a fight with Sanjay on his action. Sanjay and his wife Manyaata got stunned as to what happened to her since Sanjay had not misbehaved. The guests’ eyes got fixed at Ameesha and Sanjay. This was not approvable for Dutt who took his wife and kids and suddenly left the ceremony and arrived in Mumbai next day.

However, later, Ameesha backtracked saying, “Sanju is very protective about me. He’s such a dear friend that he can never ever misbehave. In fact, Sanju would himself kill if someone would try to touch me. He wouldn’t allow even a fly to hurt me. All these cheap rumours of ‘misbehaviour’ is sheer nonsense and spread by jealous losers.”

“Sanju has always been like this with me. He wants me to wear salwar kameez all the time. If he thinks I’m wearing a low neck jacket, he comes and pulls the zipper up. In fact, he thinks this industry is an awful place and I am too classy for it”, said the actress.

Ameesha adds that as far as clothes go, she has always dressed sexy. “I’ve never been a conservative dresser. If I have the looks and body, then why not? I don’t sleep around for work,” she adds.

Well, whatever the fact and truth was, it would be revealed very soon since the whole brigade of Bollywood fraternity was there at the wedding and someone out of them would certainly share the incident. Let’s wait for more rumors about this spicy incident that will for sure sprinkle more spices on the matter. Guess, what the paparazzi extracted seems to be the fact.

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