Salman Khan to gift BMW to Kareena Kapoor?

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Kareena Kapoor Salman Khan Dabangg 2Salman Khan, Bollywood macho man, is quite famous in the industry for presenting his friends lavish gifts. And this time around, another friend is going to be presented with such a super lavish gift. Well, she is none other than Kareena Kapoor who will be presented with a luxurious vehicle by the brawny Khan.

This is what happened that Salman Khan got much happier when Kareena at last said ‘yes’ to him and Arbaaz Khan for the item song in Dabangg 2 for which both the brothers have been struggling hard to get her in. She reportedly has been putting bigger demands along with mammoth price for the song. Thus the things were not being adjusted among the trio. Now the reports have it that Kareena Kapoor has agreed to do the item song and that too without any price. Wow! Where she had been putting bigger demands and giant fees for the item number, she has now all at once agreed to do it without any price. Hmmm….great!

But she too knows the fact (apparently), the fashion and the tradition going on in the industry since quite long, that whenever a big celeb does not charge any fees for a project or work, he or she is later presented a lavish gift, which is equal to his/her market price. Examples are endless. The likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Rajnikanth, Katrina Kaif and many others have done this and later were presented the luxurious gifts usually the lavish vehicles. Thus, our Bebo too knew it which was why she said she would not charge any amount for this item song from Khans. Might be we are wrong but we all know whenever the stars do not charge anything for a project, they are gifted the lavish items and above all they do not say ‘no’ to these lavish gifts and happily accepts. So, from all this, what you people got the answer — same we got it … hmmm.

Well, Salman Khan is reportedly zeroing in a luxurious car for Kareena Kapoor to gift her for her kind gesture. The sources claim that an Audi or a BMW 7 series are being considered. Most probably, BMW 7 will be presented to Kareena Kapoor.

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