Saif disappointed with ‘Agent Vinod’ ban in Pak

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Saif Ali Khan in Agent VinodSaif Ali Khan’s home production film ‘Agent Vinod’ has been banned from release in Pakistan. This news has brought disappointment to the co-producer, who is also playing the lead actor in the film.

It is reported that certain negative aspects of the film have been shown as belonging to Pakistan. The film shows few people featuring in the ‘Most Wanted’ list as harboured in the country. The Censor Board of Pakistan has taken offense to the references made at Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) in the movie.

When approached for his views on the ban, Khan said that the incident is a ‘shame’ because he wanted to have ‘open films’ between the two countries. He remarked that opening the film in Pakistan would have earned greater collections for them; but more than the money, it was about the film.

Saif also said that he had hoped for a positive response from Pakistan because the film does not attack the country in a harsh way. In fact, the lead actress Kareena Kapoor is playing the role of a Pakistani girl, which was ‘the best they could have given them’.

The win of the RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) over the baddies was a conscious decision, which is wanted in every such film, and even in reality. The film, as said by Saif, is a ‘realistic kind of thriller’ which shows how negative elements of Pakistan affect India. Maybe this is what didn’t go well with the censor board, and caused them to ban the film.

‘Agent Vinod’ has been shot in locations like Morocco, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Latvia, and will hit the theaters on Friday, 23rd of March.

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