Poonam Pandey all geared up for her Bollywood debut?

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Poonam PandeyThe Kingfisher Calendar girl of 2011, the 19-year old stripper queen of tweets and controversy, the self-proclaimed cricket buff, who offered to strip in front of the whole stadium if Indian cricket team  got home the World Cup,Poonam Pandey, is all suited to make her Bollywood debut.

Reports have it and have it in such a way that Poonam is debuting in the “boldest-ever” film of the tinsel town. It is so because Poonam is playing herself in the movie, so of course it will be as undaunted as Poonam.  She also claims that people have only seen a slight percentage of her, and in the movie she would show her real talent .She is all set to go more dirty and ready to do steamy scenes.

Vipin Medhekar, her financial strategist (Oh! She has one), has confirmed the story and even recited that the teasers would go on-air soon, by the end of April or first week of May, and it is the most dauntless film Indian audiences have ever witnessed.

Also on the other hand, Aditya Bhatia, the marketing head of the Production house has stated Poonam being the preferential choice as she has a lot of talent and potential (Sure she has! After all, just a racy picture posted by her on twitter, could create bustle all over Kolkata.). He also confirms that the official announcement will be made by the end of this month. On being asked why is he making it on Poonam Pandey’s life, to this he simply put “Why would we make a film based on her life? Her life is out in the open in cyberspace. The film will show her in a different light”.

So now we will get to see the Internet sensation in a full swing action mode, for whom removing one’s clothes and skin show is an art. Let’s see what more can the Pandey girl show us of her excelled art.

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