Parineeti Chopra talks about Priyanka Chopra and herself

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Parineeti ChopraGiving definition about love, the gorgeous Parineeti says that love is what you zero in a person you are happy with because he or she understands you well and loves you the way you exactly are! There are rumors making the big rounds of the media that Salman praised a lot about you for your performance in the upcoming ‘Ishaqzaade’. Parineeti explained that he praised Arjun more than her, as Arjun was more close to him than her. But Parineeti did mention that getting a compliment from Salman was a big honor.

She went on saying that she did not want to become an actor ( a big cliché used by almost all the stars who say they did not want to become actor but destiny made them so) instead she wanted to be a banker. Since she had good looks and was the cousin of the superstar Priyanka Chopra, this gave her the boost and people praised her a lot. And eventually she turned to be an actor.

Parineeti Chopra was trained by a specialist to help her learn the art of holding and shooting the guns. She fired more than 200 bullets during the training and now she is quite confident in this trade. She says now she can easily differentiate among the kinds of guns.

Talking about her fights with Priyanka Chopra during childhood days, she mentions that there were no fights in childhood as Priyanka is six years elder to her and went to USA for studies. Post her return from the States, she got busy with Miss India Contest and then films happened. But she did reveal that Priyanka was a big foodie like her.

Parineeti is a singer as well and she says that if she finds a good opportunity she can go for playback singing as well.

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