Katrina-Ranbir reunite together for their World Tour

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Katrina Kaif Ranbir KapoorWhen Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif split early last year, it was the former’s much hyped World Tour that suffered the worst collateral damage. Ranbir called off the tour, saying he had no stage songs. And with the two former lovers refusing to work together, Katrina was struck off from the lineup, even though she had nudged out Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor from the tour.

But time has changed, a lot of water has flown under the bridge. Now that young, giddy-headed former lovers have matured and agreed to work together professionally again.

Katrina’s close friend has confirmed the developments, saying that “she is indeed working out her dates to accompany her former boyfriend to the UK, US and Canada in August this year.”

But will she be comfortable on stage with Ranbir? “Now that remains to be seen,” says her friend. “Besides, we still don’t know how the stage performances are being planned, whether Ranbir and Katrina will perform together or not.”

As for Ranbir, a member of the tour production team told Mumbai Mirror, “He has no issues about Katrina’s inclusion. Katrina has given her consent.”

This rapprochement may have been a result of Ranbir’s recent moves to make peace with his ex-girlfriends and their current boyfriends. It took him a while to make amends with Deepika, but he is now doing a film with her, in the Ayan project which Katrina refused to do. He has even spotted bonding with Deepika’s current flame Sidhartha Mallya.

More interestingly, There is a development that Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor also may join the tour team.

A source revealed that “Shahid received a call from the┬ápromoters – the Morani brothers on Monday. He is now in the process of working out the dates. Some of his dates in August are booked for a film, but it should be okay,”

Ranbir delayed the world tour until after the release of Rockstar so that he would be able to perform the music AR Rahman created for the project.

“AR Rahman’s songs weren’t ready, but that’s just one of the reasons the world tour didn’t happen. There were several other factors that led to the cancellation, including the possibility of discord between Deepika and Katrina who were to accompany him on the tour,” added the source.

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