Kareena Kapoor inks deal for Rs. 5 crores for lemonade ad

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Kareena KapoorKareena Kapoor considers Katrina Kaif her arch rival in all works they both do whether they be films or endorsements. Why is this so? The answer is that both are rated the top actresses of the filmdom and the top choices for the brands. Both share equal position on the top 10 list riding on the top slot. Apparently there seems no sign of rivalry from both the actresses but their gestures and actions depict it well to the masses.

Katrina Kaif is the brand ambassador of a top soft drink (mango drink) brand (though she endorses many other top brands of India and abroad as well) — so is Bebo. But Kareena’s brand endorsement for a cola brand expired recently and she did not waste even a single moment and signed another big deal with another lemonade brand. She signed Rs. 5 crores deal with the company giving her rival Katrina a run for her money.

A close source reveals that Kareena Kapoor now pockets more than 16 brand endorsements including the latest lemonade drink one. This has made her the most sought after face of the Indian entertainment and ad industry. Last year (2011) was pretty beneficial and money-churner for the actress, as she got back-to-back hits. Since the day, she inked the deal for a film with Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine, she has been fetching in the fat cheques for the films she sign and ads she does. She was also reportedly paid Rs. 8 crores for Heroine and this is called the biggest amount ever paid to any Bollywood actress for as a film fees.

The close source reveals that Bebo gives due time to her brand endorsements which is why she charges higher price for them. Since Katrina and Asin’s soft drinks’ ads got much popular, Kareena has instructed the ad company to make a catchy and interesting ad so that it can be more popular than both of those actresses’ ads.

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