‘John should get married as he’s getting old’ – Bipasha Basu

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Bipasha Basu new hair styleBipasha Basu and John Abraham have drifted apart but as they spent many years together, it is not easy to forget each other so quickly. This is the vivid reason that the two keep peeking into each other’s lives post the split that happened last year. Both have moved to new love after breakup – John to Priya Runchal and Bipasha to Rana Daggubati. Well, John’s affair is open as he himself introduced his new girlfriend to the media and public when he came out with her. But Bipasha hesitantly shows off her relationship with Rana.

Bipasha in an interview recently told that she was single and loved to be same. This shows that she is having an affair with Duggabati secretly and she does not want to make it public. Lately she passed much spicy comment on her ex-lover John Abraham’s rumored marriage with Priya. She said that she really liked him to tie the knot since he was getting really old.

John was quick to respond to his ex-flame saying that he was utterly engaged with his works that he did not have a free time to read the news or gossips. He also mentioned that he stopped having the newspaper at his home for last four years or so. John then added that he did not read whatsoever people said about him in interviews (his clear signal was at Bipasha’s comments).

Bipasha is seeking a handsome man for her and she has displayed her desire many a time post the split in many of her interviews. Recently she revealed that she liked a man like R. Madhavan since she was quite impressed with him. Basu also tells that she has number of men around her who wants to date her but she is quite careful now post the split with John Abraham.

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