How to apply makeup & cosmetics

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Applying makeupMake-up can be a wonderful thing — a slick of lipstick, or a dusting of powder can transform anyone. Leonard Lauder, chairman of Estee Lauder, believes lipstick sales can even chart the state of our economy — Lauder’s make-up sales went up when the American economy took a downturn in 2001 after the terror attacks of September 11. It seems when times are tough, but we still want a treat, we turn to £12 lipsticks instead of £600 designer handbags.

Make-up artist Ruby Hammer believes there is definitely more to painting our faces than just adding colour. ‘Great make-up isn’about the product, the colour, or, to be honest, the technique,’ she says. ‘It’s more about achieving a look which makes you feel amazing and reflects your inner confidence.’

Of course, that’s easy for Ruby to say, being an expert in her field, but many of us who love make-up just aren’t sure how to use it. ‘For me, the fun of make-up is in the colour, and there is no right or wrong – go with whatever you want; reflect your personality and style,’ says Pablo Rodriguez, senior artist with MAC. ‘However, you have to be more careful when choosing your skincare, foundation and concealers — inadequate skincare can make problems worse.’

And, instead of poking our fingers into pots and rubbing our make-up on inexpertly, Estee Lauder international make-up artist Alan Pan reckons we should always use brushes. ‘My absolute favourite tool is my foundation brush,’ he says. ‘It gives you flawless skin and creates the perfect base.’

It doesn’t matter if we stick to the same shades of make-up all our life, as long as we adapt certain aspects of our routine as we age. ‘’I don’t think any make-up trends should be discounted if they work for you,’ says Alan Pan. ‘I would suggest women think about how their skin changes as they age, and only change their make-up according to that. Older skins need a dewy foundation, as a heavy one will crease into fine lines and wrinkles.’

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