Heroine’s scene leakage – a hoax?

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Kareena KapoorAny Kareena Kapoor fan waiting to get his or her hands on the latest Heroine clips? Just beware of pranksters! The upcoming Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampalmovie: Heroine is all set to create some publicity controversy. The Madhur Bhandarkar project has been rumored to have scenes including sexual intimacy and thus the movie will be, in all probability be rated adult. However, all of a sudden there has been major uproar regarding some blowing news that the scenes containing the vulgar content have been leaked online prior to the release.

Recently, a few movies like Bhindi Bazaar, the Girl in Yellow Boots, Blood Money, etc, were rumored to have suffered of steamy scene leaks prior to their release and this was the reason why at times these movies made it to the page 3 headlines. However, once these movies were released, fans, public, and critics alike, found that the leaks were stages and thus, these were mere publicity stunts. Avid cine goers will know that Bhandarkar is noted for his films which are both critically acclaimed and popularly likes. He neither needs, nor has earlier resorted to such cheap publicity measures to promote his films, which are generally much awaited by film lovers.

Knowing the kind of genre that Madhur Bhandarkar actually likes to work with, it will not be crazy to anticipate his next project to have a story line concerning cheap Bollywood publicity tactics. Movies like We Are Family, Ra. One, etc. saw Arjun and Kareena working together. Critics seem to agree that both have come a long way as far as acting is concerned. Of course fans of both the he and the “heroine” can’t wait to get a glimpse of their favorite starts take on a new character that too in a Bhandarkar movie.

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