Hashmi asks Mahesh Bhatt to stay away from Raaz 3 sets

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Bipasha Basu & Imran Hashmi in Raaz 3Emraam Hashmi, Bollywood’s biggest serial kisser who loves to plant lips into the lips of his leading ladies in movies, has reportedly banned his uncle Mahesh Bhatt, the famed filmmaker who is also the mentor of Hashmi on the sets of his upcoming film ‘Raaz 3′. This step has been taken as a precautionary measure since Mahesh is famous for tweets and he can reveal the suspense element of the film ‘Raaz 3′.

Emraan is working in the Vikram Bhatt’s directed suspense thriller Raaz 3: The Third Dimension and he had requested his uncle to stay away from the film’s sets due to Bhatt’s habit of tweeting a lot. Hashmi specially does not want him while the climax sequence shoots.

Both Vikram Bhatt and Emraan have fears that Mahesh Ji can spoil the film by tweeting all to the people. He has the crazy habit of using twitter and he cannot hold himself anymore and spill the beans. Raaz 3 appears also as a homecoming for Vikram Bhatt. Raaz 3 happens to be a horror mystery thus it made both the director and the actor super cautious to keep everything secret.

A close source reveals that Emraan Hashmi knows his uncle’s mad habit of getting glued to twitter by tweeting almost everything. And since in the past, Mahesh has unzipped suspense of the movies many a time, this makes Emraan extra careful and as a result he requested his uncle politely to maintain a specific distance from the film’s sets.

He confirms it to the media saying due to the nature of the movie’s subject, we have to show extra care to the suspense and mystery element of the movie. Let’s wait and see what interesting package the movie has in store for the audiences which Emraan and Vikram want to put under wraps?

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