Emraan Hashmi says Janant 2 not plagiarized

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Emraan HashmiThe serial kisser, Emraan Hashmi is the one actor whose movies always get hit. He is the one the filmmakers show their confidence with ease since he always brings in the lucrative results in terms of box office collections. Emraan has been going very steadily in the film industry — he is not in the race of numbers which is why his career is going supremely and he is enjoying success out of his movies. He has maintained a good fan following in India and aboard. The viewers wait for the release of his movies and when his flick comes up, a good amount of viewers are witnessed in queues for buying the tickets. Hashmi can handle the movie solely on his shoulders — that’s what every filmmaker wants and that’s what his quality is!

There are allegations on the film ‘Jannat 2′ that it is a plagiarized stuff. A case has been filed against Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt by a script writer Kapil Chopra who alleges that the makers have used his script in this film. Kapil maintains that he left the script with the director Kunal Deshmukh for a close look but when the things did not happen between him and the director and after he did not hear back from the makers, he contacted other production house. But he recently watched the promos of the film where he found that his script was used in the film.

But the leading actor of the movie, Emraan says that the writer is making fake allegations since it is the original script and original concept by the writer of the movie. He goes on saying that let the person keep making noise in the court and media. Emraan says that they (he and the makers) do not want to give any kind of attention to his allegations.

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