Bipasha Basu says stop making gossips on her link ups

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Bipasha Basu and Rana DaggubatiThe rumors about the link ups of the utmost sexy and steamy actress of Bollywood trade Bipasha Basu, who loves being tagged with the terms sexy and all that, have been making the bigger rounds of the media. The entire web and the media are always abuzz with her romantic associations with the co-stars. Now this babe has really turned much fed up and has requested the media to stop making the rumors and the false stories of her link ups, as there is nothing true in these gossips.

She goes on saying that just because she is a fun loving woman and outgoing person, this does not mean at all that she is dating any guy. She goes on adding that how she can date anyone with whom she meets and have fun? Bipasha then points out that since a long time, her name has been attached to various guys of the industry. Bips utters that she keeps on reading the gossips about her link ups, break ups, patch ups and even marriage. This all makes her become fed up now. She recently tweets that she wishes all this really stops happening.

33-year-old actress says that fun-loving person does not tag you to become frivolous and you cannot put someone into the bracket of dating when someone meets with other person. Recently post her break up with longtime ex-beau John Abraham, her name has been linked with actors Shahid Kapoor and Rana Duggubati. She says that she is single and just wants to concentrate on her acting and profession.

Well, Bipasha, we admit that many gossips make the rounds in the media and paparazzi are after grabbing the spicy chunks from the celebs’ lives but if there is something spicy then the spicy gossips can be made. So you also know that stars always want to hide their affairs and keep on saying there is nothing but only friendship.

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