Bad hair equals low confidence

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Low Self-confidenceMany man blame lack in confidence on their bad hair. Some may not spend much time combing their hair in the morning, while others will spend hours in front of the mirror.

A new study, carried out by Nanogen, an expert in hair research, found that more than half of people feel that they lack confidence when their hair isn’t as they’d prefer.

One in 10 people went as far to say that they would cancel social plans if their was wasn’t right.

The thickness of hair was found to be a major problem, with the majority complaining that their hair was too thin.

Chartered psychologist Dr Jayne McCartney, says, ‘Our hair plays a major part in our appearance. Thinning hair can be psychologically devastating for both sexes, but for women especially the loss of hair can have long lasting and profound effects. Our hair is one of the first aspects that people will see and comment on, so they can be extremely self-conscious about it thinning.’

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