Ahmed Khan chooses Ranbir over Shahid!

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Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid KapoorShahid Kapoor is one unhappy man now. First his sizzling relationship with beau Priyanka Choprafizzled out yet another time, then his favourite director Karan Johar backed out from the production team of Shahid’s much desired project, a remake of the Tamil film, Vettai and now this! All wrong things happening in succession to tinsel town’s chocolate boy in a matter of few weeks!

Close friend to Shahid Kapoor for years now, Ahmed Khan has left him fuming today. Yes, Ahmed Khan who has been close buddies to the Jab we Met since his inception into the industry has finally turned him off. The actor-choreographer pair that is known to create waves together with projects like ‘Mausam’ and ‘Chance pe Dance’ and set the stage on fire every time they team up has drifted apart, reports suggest.

The scene was something like this: Both Ranbir and Shahid are close buddies to the ace choreographer cum actor and coincidentally both required Ahmed’s acumen at the same time. Torn apart by the thought of choosing between two close friends, Ahmed finally decided to lend his sagacity to Bollywood’s Rockstar Ranbir Kapoor. Coming to know of the news, Shahid is completely devastated and shocked to see the conclusion drawn by Khan and has been apprehensive in expressing his feelings over the matter. On the other hand, our Kapoor lad is reaping all the benefits. From sweeping away all awards to signing some lucrative deals, Ranbir Kapoor is the man of the moment!

Ahmed, when contacted, said that the short film with Ranbir for Nissan was a completely new and enriching experience. While he has choreographed many a times for lover boy Shahid Kapoor, he wanted to take up this offer as it provided him with a brand new outlook to what he does best, dancing! He also commented that Shahid was the one who advised him to go for Ranbir’s project and he opting out from the project has not caused any changes in the rapport he shares with the actor. Plus, he also asked Chinni Prakashji to help Shahid out for his project until he catches up with him soon for Kunal Kohli’s next! After all this, Ahmed is planning to take a sabbatical from his dancing sessions in order to spend some time with his family and most importantly, his kids! How sweet!

Previously it was reported that even Anushka Sharma, who Shahid considers one of his best buddies in town signed a film with Mr. Sawaariya Kapoor considering a film with Shahid in the pipeline null and void! Bechara Shahid, why does everyone react the same way to you, mahn?

In a place where professional relationships are manufactured, bettered and preserved, friendships fail to score. Nevertheless, if this incident does not have any effect on the friendship between the two, the actor-choreographer duo can simply testify the statement of friendship that is missing from the industry! Then again, you can never trust anyone blindly when you are a star! Guess, Shahid forgot that angle of his life! Sigh!

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