Agent Vinod banned In Pakistan

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Agent VinodThe film ‘Agent Vinod’ starring Saif Ali Khan has faced ban in Pakistan. The film is to be released on March 23rd 2012, this Friday. One of the distributors of Pakistan, Abdul Rashid was quoted saying, “I was to release the film, but have decided against it after watching it”. Mr. Rashid went on saying that he will not release any movie which reflects pessimism towards his country or religion.

The director of the film, Sriram Raghavan defended his work by explaining its main subject. He said that he and his workers never meant to harm any religious or political emotion. As a matter of fact, in the movie, Kareena Kapoor’s character is that of a Pakistani lady. Mr. Raghavan told that the movie contains incidents concerning both good and bad communities. But that doesn’t mean that it hurts the Pakistanis in any way. After the release on Friday, this confusion will be cleared to the movie lovers, as Mr. Raghavan added. In the end, he also spoke about the main subject of the film, which concerns the relation between India and Pakistan in current days, and its consequences. Thus, the presence of ISI ideliberate in the movie.

In Mr. Rashid’s viewpoint, the previews of the film aimed at a few things that are against Pakistan. Though denied by the Eros International on this issue, Mr. Rashid went on saying that some real names of Pakistani officers were mentioned. Not only that, but Mr. Rashid continued saying that, Mr. Raghavan or the producers of the film did not take permissions while shooting in Karachi and the airport of the city.

Indian filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt stated that this ban is an example of the receptive nature of the relation between the countries. The movie includes a lot of food which could be a reason of eagerness to watch in Pakistan. The movie lovers in the country were left high and dry after the news of ban went in air. Mr. Bhatt further said that he and his colleagues have a keen eye on not stumbling with the relationship between the countries by any film in the future.

Like Australia, Pakistan has always been a significant prospect of business for India. According to the producers of the film, ‘Agent Vinod’ was expected to succeed with a business of around Rs. 3-5 crore. Entertainment should inspire peace between India and Pakistan and not bring any hype that affects the relation, according to Mr. Rashid. He also stated that the movie was to bring distress to the Pakistanis globally. He said that, he gave away Rs. 20,000 in return to publicity and promotion of the movie, and he is not going to be compensated by the producer for the loss he has faced.

Another Pakistani distributor, namely H. Rehmati, pointed out that “Agent Vinod” is the second banned film in Pakistan that starred the duo of Saif and Kareena. He also expressed his embarrassment on the subjected factor.

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