80 cameras to shoot 1 Rajini

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Superstar Rajnikanth's KochadaiyaanGone is the time of Santa Banta jokes, now Rajnikant jokes are sahred everywhere, from electronic to printing media.One in every two persons in India know Rajnikant. He does everything. He can divide any number by zero. He can make calls from his i-pod to his i-pad. He can do a wheelie on a unicycle. All this are framed jokes. But Rajnikant can act while 80 cameras shoot him all at once is utter reality.

Kochadaiyaan Ranadhiran, a tamil movie based on the 8th century Pandya king, directed by her very own daughter Soundarya.. Ashwin. This was confirmed by the media. Thalaivar (head of a team,in Tamil), as he is called by his fans will now do his stunts all by himself in this movie while 80 cameras will shoot him.

This is the first film in India that will use MOCAP , that is, motion capture technology. MOCAP describes the process of recording ones movement and translating that very movement to a digital model.  In filmmaking motion ceptureing techniquet refers to recording actions of humans and use it to animate digital models in 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional computer animation. During motion capturing sessions, movements of persons are sampled many times every second, motion capture technology records only the movements of the people acting, not their visual appearances. Then this animation data is mapped onto a 3 dimensional model so that it performs the same actions as the performer.  When the technology includes facial expressions, fingers or captures slight expressions, it is called  performance capture.

Kochadaiyaan Ranadhiran’s co-producer Dr Murli Manohar tells, Rajinikanth dressed up in a body-suit, will act upon while 80 cameras will capture his each move. “The thought is to improve his performance, and put up visuals for a age piece that cannot be produced otherwise.”

Avatar, the first complete length movie, made by using performance capture to create photorealistic 3-dimensional characters and to element a fully 3D photorealistic world. James Cameron and team developed Virtual Art Department and whole Virtual Production pipeline, inorder to finish the film in genuine time. Gollum from the movie Lord of the Rings  was the first real character, motion captured for a film. Gollum was even the first actor to win an award in category created for ‘Best Digital Acting Performance’

Accel Animation Studios , Thiruvananthapuram is the only studio in the country to offer motion capture services. “We used motion capture techniques in fragments in Enthiran. A more multifaceted use may be tried in Kochadaiyaan Ranadhiran,” , says N.R. Panicker,the chairman of Accel. A very important discussion now is that is motion capture technique is actually animation or acting.

But at the end Rajnikants actions will be edged n sketched to every inch and he will make all impossible possible in his daughters movie.

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